Tommy Thompson Trail

Tommy Thompson Trail

Unique Perspective

I’m running for Anacortes City Council because I care about our community.  City Council is a group of seven individuals who work together for the betterment of our citizens.  Local government should reflect the people living here.  I bring a view influenced by my time spent with nonprofits, small business, and planning commission.  It is about issues as simple as the width of sidewalks when pushing a baby stroller and as serious as public safety.  It is about diving into the Capital Facilities Plan and asking questions.  It is about championing small business, by walking into a store and purchasing a gift.  It is about saying hello to the person in line next to you.  What I don’t bring, is an agenda.  I hope to foster thoughtful discussion, a balanced perspective, and a consistent presence on Council.  

Livability, Planning, and PArtnerships

Anacortes is a dynamic and supportive community. Our forests, beaches, schools, library, and community spaces are where we connect and engage with our neighbors. Providing multi-modal opportunities, preserving the integrity of our natural resources, and community engagement are among my highest priorities.

As a Planning Commissioner, I helped guide the 2016 Comprehensive Plan and subsequent Development Regulations. I understand the importance of citizen involvement and long-term planning. Budgeting for infrastructure, public safety, and environmental changes are crucial for our future livability. We must continue to use best available science to minimize our environmental impact and embrace new technology, such as our municipal broadband.

Our City and Port must collaborate to foster sustainable industry, livable communities, and our unique character.  By working together, we can complement services, share resources, and augment our ability to adapt.  

Living on an island, we have limited space.  Encouraging a variety of housing options to accommodate our workforce, our families, and our neighbors needing government assistance. Through partnering with government agencies, nonprofits, businesses and individuals we will make strides to address the problem.



Listen and Learn

It is early in the campaign and I have a lot of listening still to do.  I think it is imperative to meet with as many stakeholders in our community as possible.  So far, this has included individuals involved with the Port of Anacortes, the City of Anacortes, our local County Commissioner, nonprofits, friends and family.  One of the biggest goals of my campaign is meet with as many stakeholders and community members as possible.  Sitting down over coffee and having a conversation with a fellow person is how we connect.  Please, consider sharing your story with me.