Endorsements and Letters of Support

There has been an outpouring of support from neighbors and friends during the campaign. Ward 2’s retiring council member, Brad Adams has endorsed my candidacy along with retired police chief, Bonnie Bowers. It means a lot to have the support of fellow Rotarians, Anacortes Arts Festival Board Members, local business owners, and active community members. Below is the growing list. If you would be willing to join this list, put out a yard sign, or sit down for a conversation, please contact me.

Christine has the support and endorsement from the following community members:

Brad Adams, Anacortes City Council Ward 2

Rakan Alduaij

Kerry Allen

Tom & Pam Allen

Jim & Joyce Anderson

Bonnie Bowers, Retired Anacortes Police Chief

John & Kathy Campbell

Sherry Chavers

Tom & Beth Morgan-Cleland

Colleen Craig

Denise Crow

Geralyn Curtis

Tom Decker & Nancy Wong

Dave & Clara Duff

Bob & Joanne Evans

Jean Fantini

T.J. Fantini

Chris & Tracy Peterson-Foy

Duncan & Cheryl Frazier

Dick & Gabby Freier

Joe & Desha Furin

Kristi Gabrielse

John Glassett

Laura Hamilton

Rich & Betsy Humphrey

Tom & Wyndham Jackson

Mike & Rita James

Eric Johnson, City Council Ward 3

Dustin & Dreabon Robillard-Knowles

Peter & Lisa Kuhnlein

Kris Lytton, Retired 40th LD Representative

Jim & Terry MacDonald

Bev Martin

Frank & Kristi Martin

Sean & Meredith McIlmoyle

Mitzi Murray

Gary & Mary Molyneaux

Nicole Mortimer

David & Jenni Murray

Anthony Notaro

Chris & Jessica Notaro

Bob & Jeannette Papadakis, Retired School Board Member

Susan Parke

Tony & Robin Pestarino

Rusty & Karen Petersen

John & Michele Pope, Port of Anacortes Commissioner

Cynthia Richardson, Retired Anacortes City Council

Nate Scott

Ginny Sharp

Vicki Stasch

Nels Strandberg

Eric & Jessica Sturgeon

Laura Sund

Warren Tessler, Island Hospital Board of Commissioners

Rick & Judy Wallace

Jennifer Wilson

City Council Member, Brad Adams, and I taking a tour of Hexcel. A great example of light manufacturing, Hexcel produces honeycomb products for the aerospace industry. Adams has spent his career with the company.

City Council Member, Brad Adams, and I taking a tour of Hexcel. A great example of light manufacturing, Hexcel produces honeycomb products for the aerospace industry. Adams has spent his career with the company.

Anacortes American Letter to the Editor, July 30, 2019

Cleland-McGrath for City Council

The last few years have been exciting in Anacortes. We’ve had new and engaged leadership; dynamic, supportive partnerships between civic, commercial and nonprofits and unprecedented giving. Giving of time, energy, granting and donations to keep Anacortes the amazing place it is.

I would like to see that continue and I know that will happen if we elect Christine Cleland-McGrath to City Council.

With her four-plus years of work on the city Planning Commission, with six-plus years on the Anacortes Arts Festival board, two years as its president, an active Rotarian, as well as the countless other committees and volunteering, Christine has already proven herself to be one of Anacortes’ active and engaged leaders. I want Christine’s experience and her enthusiasm on our Anacortes City Council.

As someone who has worked with her for many years, I would like to highlight her strengths in leadership. Christine sees projects through from the beginning to the end and through all the unforeseen curves. She asks informed questions and does her research. She’s not afraid to be disagreed with and not afraid of the hard questions. She makes things happen and always has creative solutions. She is interested in what people think and in conversations.

I urge voters in Ward 2 to vote for Christine Cleland-McGrath for City Council.

Lisa Kuhnlein


Anacortes American Letter to the Editor, July 30, 2019

Voting for Cleland-McGrath

My name is Susan Parke, a 29-year resident of Anacortes, director emeritus, Museum of Northwest Art and long-time board member of the Anacortes Art Festival.

I support Christine Cleland-McGrath’s candidacy for the Ward 2 City Council seat.

I first met Christine when she was an intern at the Museum of Northwest Art. She was a poised, confident student who learned her intern duties quickly and enthusiastically.

Forward several years, an adult Christine returned to Anacortes and worked at the family golf course. Her name was proposed for membership on the Anacortes Arts Festival board. Initially I was skeptical. Could such a young person want to serve with a group of people old enough to be her parents or grandparents? I was wrong. She brought a breath of fresh air to the board, generating new ideas and helping bring those ideas to fruition. Her passion, enthusiasm and commitment were striking.

I’ve watched her as her life has changed. She serves on the Planning Commission, started her career in real estate and became a mother. Christine has calmly balanced all the demands on her time and energy. I’m rather in awe.

Christine would bring to the council her years of Anacortes experience, her commitment to its future and an intelligent and thoughtful approach to city government.

Susan Parke